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Managing Director

With a long and successfully history of working with some of the biggest global brands, including Procter and Gamble, at the top talent procurement agencies, Issy is highly regarded and has a reputation for creating the most effective partnerships between brands and talent. Having previously worked at Platinum Rye and Procure Worldwide, part of the freuds group, her in-depth knowledge and experience of the industry, alongside her infectious enthusiasm, energy and drive will ensure you have the best possible service.

Connecting celebrities, influencers, experts and voice over artists to brands, the Bourne Consultancy offers a personal and bespoke service to our clients to create unique relationships, whilst always taking a forward-thinking approach to leverage the most effective talent.  With an extensive international network of contacts, our team have all worked with some of the largest global brands and agencies, securing A-list celebrities, social media influencers and rising stars in film, music, fashion, beauty and sports. 

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With over 20 years working with the leading UK talent managers and advertising agencies, Melsie’s experience is unrivalled and well-recognised within the industry. Her understanding of creative agency requirements and her ability to find the right talent solutions, combined with her global network and entrepreneurial spirit, is the inspiration behind The Bourne Consultancy.  Melsie Bourne spent over two decades at the forefront of talent representation in Britain. In 1996 she founded Rabbit Vocal Management which grew to become the largest voiceover agency in the UK.